Cannot delete file? Long Path Tool deletes/unlocks, copies/renames long path files/folders

Download Long Path Tool 5.1.6 here

  • Delete undeletable files
  • Delete system locked files
  • Can delete files even from mapped network folders
  • Can list files and paths which have file path more than 200 characters long.
  • Close application that uses the file
  • Unload locking process
  • Cannot delete file
  • Cannot delete folder
  • file name is not valid
  • Force Closing File Handles
  • Force Closing Library Handles
  • Termination of Protected Processes
  • Rename, delete any locked file or folder at the next system restart
  • Copy and delete files and folders
  • Omits file name you specified is not valid or too long
  • Easy-to-use concept. This small and compact LONG PATH Tool is designed to provide nice, simple interface and a solid amount of options.
  • Fast speed of long path folder/files search.
  • No special system requirements. LONG PATH Tool works on any Windows version (NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7).